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Doodle Ape Organization is a collection of 2222 uniquely generated NFTs with over 120 individually hand drawn traits, derived from Doodles and CyberKongz NFTs on Ethereum. The DAO is a community based NFT project with a strong emphasis on alpha hunting and community building. The DAO.


Phase 1.1 -
Conceptualize and Brainstorm
Being avid fans of NFTs and the ever growing metaverse, our team wanted to pay homage to some of our favorite collections. "Doodles" is an ETH project with a carefree, fun-loving art style that our team was naturally attracted to.- With the popularity of 'monke' on the Solana blockchain we wanted be meta enough to be popular, but with 50 new BAYC derivs coming out each week we wanted to change directions and go more of a "Cyber Kongz" route.- Our art is all hand drawn and inspired by the art style and models of "Doodles" & "Cyber Kongz".

Phase 1.2
Building Our Twitter/Discord/Website
Our Twitter was created shortly after naming the project so we could build our presence and grow a strong community naturally. Begin preparing discord for launch and coordinating the team for the big day.
Start development of our website to deliver ASAP.

Phase 1.3
Opening the Discord/Partnerships
With the immediate and overwhelming support that we received on Twitter we decided to reached out to a few specific DAOs who gave us early support and reward them. With early access to the server and a specific allocated amount of Whitelist roles to be distributed within their communities. These chosen projects will be entering the Discord early to distribute the roles to their respective communities and interact with the team. Once the early supporters are settled in we will open the discord to the public and allow the rank and invite contest to begin.

Phase 1.4
Mint Day
The DAPEs are all here and ready for launch. Server is locked down to avoid any spammers/scammers and we mint out 100%.

Moonrank & MagicEden
Hashes are sent off to Magic Eden for preapproval and we get listed ASAP for an effective transition between mint and secondary markets.  (4.44% royalties)

Grape Verification & DAO
Grape is purchased and enabled for holders to verify ownership of their DAPEs and the DAO has been formed. Alpha channels as well as partnerships for the DAO are brought in.

Phase 2.1
The DAO Begins
Build a home base for our community to discuss projects, opportunities, and share early alpha. We can judge as a collective the risk/reward of upcoming mints and IDOs.- DAO votes on what to do with 25% of the royalties.

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